Our packages have been setup to cater for all categories of users, from small Event Management companies, to large architectural firms that manage complete projects with all their suppliers and contractors.

Whatever your requirements of Office Ignition, there is a package to suit your individual needs.

Hosting Packages

per Month
per Month
Setup Fee Monthly FeeFree Email/SMS Credits
SSL Security
SSL Security
per Year*
Lite5 GB1.5 GBR 840.00R 230.0050 credits/50 credits R 900R 650
Middle20 GB4.5 GBR 1176.00R 552.0050 credits/50 credits R 900R 650
Heavy50 GB9.5 GBR 2040.00R 1380.0050 credits/50 credits R 900R 650
Super Heavy120 GB19.5 GBR 3480.00R 2760.0050 credits/50 credits R 900R 650
Jumbo300 GB20 GBR 9600.00R 6325.0050 credits/50 credits R 900R 650

*Optional Extra

User Packages

User LicensesMonthly Cost
5 UsersR 270.00
10 UsersR 516.00
20 UsersR 984.00
40 UsersR 1872.00
100 UsersR 4440.00
100+ UsersR 4440.00 + R42.00 per additional user

Project Packages

Project LimitMonthly Cost
5 ProjectsR 240.00
10 ProjectsR 504.00
20 ProjectsR 1080.00
40 ProjectsR 2400.00
100 ProjectsR 8400.00
100+ ProjectsR 8400.00 + R102.00 per additional project

Example Setup

Selected Packages Once-Off Cost Monthly Cost Yearly Cost
Lite Hosting PackageR 840.00R 230.00
5 User Package0R 270.00
10 Projects Package0R 504.00
Total: R 840.00 R 774.00  
* Optional Extra      
SSL Security R 900.00*0 R 650.00*
Total:R 1740.00R 774.00 R 650.00*

Simplify your life with office life with office ignition

Staying at the top of the game is about continuously tackling problems and coming up with innovative solutions, time and time again, for all Clients’ needs. Office Ignition introduces a new dimension in online business management solutions and software.

All Office Ignition modules are developed and designed with the end user in mind - ensuring that all requirements are met in a flexible environment, catering for every need of a project. Another advantage for an end user is that you only pay for what you require. Most of the modules available under Office Ignition function independantly from each other, and thus can be mixed and matched to suit your specific needs or project requirements.

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