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Office ignition is a full spectrum, dynamic, modular business solution software package that is user friendly, cost effective and customizable to suit your company’s business model and employee, associate and project management requirements. An array of multi-colored sticky notes have their time and place – but this is generally NOT during crucial project production and implementation stages.

In addition to business management software, Office Ignition also acts as the hub for your online marketing machine and communication centre – your website. Office Ignition incorporates a uniquely developed Content Management System (CMS) to make Website development and management a breeze! With a range of diverse and functional modules, website owners are able to have stable and highly customizable 'plug and play' functionality added to existing or new websites. The simple to use administration section of the site within Office Ignition grants you complete control over what content is captured and displayed. This content and user management functionality filters through to what can easily become your Company’s own Intranet system.

Just as company profit growth maintains a crucial part of your business objectives, Office Ignition provides you with the integrated technological tools to suit all your current and future plans – accommodating for aspects that might not be in the current equations, but which are vital in the long term expansion and advancement of any upcoming or thriving business practice. Office Ignition provides the following business technologies to Clients:

Simplify your life with office life with office ignition

Staying at the top of the game is about continuously tackling problems and coming up with innovative solutions, time and time again, for all Clients’ needs. Office Ignition introduces a new dimension in online business management solutions and software.

All Office Ignition modules are developed and designed with the end user in mind - ensuring that all requirements are met in a flexible environment, catering for every need of a project. Another advantage for an end user is that you only pay for what you require. Most of the modules available under Office Ignition function independantly from each other, and thus can be mixed and matched to suit your specific needs or project requirements. For the sake of illustration, we have grouped the modules into specific categories as below.

Website & Intranet CMS / Content Management System

Easy to use web Content Management System, brought to you by CMS Ignition. Do you dream of having a featured pack dynamic website, where you can edit and modify all the content through an easy to use control panel? This may be to simple functions like editing some text, updating news articles, adding downloads and gallery images or more advanced functions like managing your member section with user previlages, adding and removing content pages and sections or communicating with your client database using Email templates or SMS. Whatever your requirements, we are positive it can be implimented quickly, without fuss or huge development costs by making use of our modular CMS system.

Interested in a easy to use Content Management System, read more about it at CMS Ignition.
Find everything you need, and more below:

Project Management

Keep your projects ontrack and ontime with this bird's eye view of tasks, milestones, tasks and goals. Access your project in list or Gantt chart view and ensure that your projects are executed to perfection.

Office Ignition allows for flexibility and versatility in a variety of ways. Office Ignition is comprised of modular technologies that function together to suit your business dynamics. This is great news for companies because it means only paying for the plug-in functionality that is activated for your purposes and requirements.

In many complex project and task schedules, there will be a critical path, or series of events that depend on each other sequentially to ensure the final projected outcome or delivery. The durations directly determine the length of the whole project.

Back Office Admin

Make everyday tasks a breeze with always accessable online Quotes, Invoices, Asset Register, Sales Funnel and the ability to track your profits. Turn maybes into definates, jobs into profits and optimise your staff and outputs, simple.

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